Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Live by the Creed] AC fans strike back against author suing Ubisoft via....Amazon book ratings?

It seems that the guy who tried to sue Ubisoft for 'copyright infringement' never saw this one coming.

Assassin's Creed fans made their move against John Beiswenger, following the lawsuit he filed against the Montreal-based company, by listing negative reviews of his book in Amazon. The gamers found out that before the lawsuit was released, Beiswenger's book, titled Link, had only one review with a 5/5 star rating (an obvious bias, in my opinion). And this was way back in 2007.

Now it has more than 140 reviews, all of them negative.

I know it sounds like the fans are taking pot shots as the author. Valid lawsuit or not, I think it's up to the courts to decide whether it holds water, or they just throw the paper out of the window.

source: [Latest News Explorer]

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