Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Around the Web] Dropquest II

And this is how the concept of Dovakihn was born.
Last year, Dropbox, the cloud-storage service, and its team made a contest called Dropquest. It was a scavenger game that made the users (me included) to hunt for clues in their forums and to the far and wide reaches of the internet. The prize? An additional 1 GB of storage, for free. Not to mention some goodies like their t-shirts and all that stuff. Now that contest is back.

To infinity, and....oops, I mean, FOR THE HORDE!! Oh man, still wrong--?
Enter Dropquest II: The Future is Now (somehow that title seems like a pun to an old movie that I can't recall). The mechanics of the scavenge hunt seems to be the same like last year, but this time the stakes are even higher: 100 GB of free storage for the 1st placer. WHOA!

And did I mention that it's free, FOR LIFE?

Imagine the stuff you can store in 100 GB....

In any case, the quest starts at 1700 GMT on the 12th of May. In my time zone that's around 1 AM of May 13.

Happy questing? Or, eat my dust?

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